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This product high quality and excellent in price.

Look forward to establishing happy and long-term business relationship with you!
It′ s natural, high quality and at a good price
Min. Order: 500 Sets
This set of product looks samplicity and gorgeous
Min. Order: 500 Sets
The design is simple and fashion, makes user feel relaxed
Gorgeous, like a lady Reclining. Lovely and luxurious! Give you different feeling!
Min. Order: 300
Soft material and beautiful lace make the product look so morbidezza
This fabric is tencel, it′s natural, soft and feel comfortable.
This is our classical design. The fabric is 100% silk and the yellow color appears prosperity
The design looks like a man, let woman feel safe and comfortable
High quality and excellent in price
It′ s high qulity and excellent in price.
Min. Order: 800 Sets
This design is filled with irory and energy, looks youthful spirit
Min. Order: 800 Sets
The new fabric is tencel, the material is soft and the colour is green, a set of goods looks peaceful and cleanly
Min. Order: 500 Sets
Cool Tencel fabrics, soft touch, so you aren′t reluctant to leave! Have the power to make you quiet!
Min. Order: 500
Cotton printing bedding set, comfortable and seductive . Lively feels like naughty girls, give you happy mood, health sleep! Accompanied by a smile into dreamland!
Min. Order: 400 set
For this design, we have two fabric for our customer to choose. One is 100% silk, it′s so soft and top grade. The other is 100% polyester. It′ s reasonable price.
Possess of this product means posses of good mood
This set of product elegance, generous. Impressive, giving you a healthy sleep! Enhance your taste, from now on!
Min. Order: 500 Sets
This product possess a noble temperament, have it means have a respected position
Min. Order: 200 Sets
High quality and excellent in price
Sample design and bule color make a set of product looks so pure and fresh
Min. Order: 800 Sets
It ′s natural, health-hancing and high quality
These design we have two colours, one is pink and the other is golden. Pink looks young and golden looks steady.
Elegancy but elegant. Hairun Winston give you a different feeling! The gentle touch to the gentle village!
It′ s high quality and excellent in price, a set of product appears clearly and comfortable
Min. Order: 800 Sets
It′s natural, high quality and excellent in price
Min. Order: 500 Sets
It′ s high quality and excellent in price
It′s 100% silk. Touched it you will feel soft and gorgeous

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